PLoS ONE article online!

Our previously accepted article on the distribution, trends and bibliometrics of Portuguese terrestrial carnivore mammals, which was part of Joana Bencatel’s MSc thesis (presented in 2016) and was the base of the Atlas of Mammals in Portugal, is now published on the PLoS ONE website (see our publications page for the bilbiographic reference). This work includes not only the recorded distributions of these species (by the date of completion of the article), but also an analysis of their trends over time, their associated bibliometrics and the type of studies that have focused on each species. Although it does not include species occurrence data obtained after 2016 (due to the time these articles usually spend in the review process and the complexity of the associated analysis), this is an important document on how the study of carnivores in Portugal has evolved in the past, and on what aspects need further work in the future. More up-to-date distribution data are being collected in the Atlas of Mammals in Portugal.